Montag, 31. Januar 2011

On my way

"Won't be finished today - too cold"

I found this in the main shopping street of Stuttgart, and it weirdly mirrors my mood: I feel like saying the same to my commissioners. There was spring just two weeks ago. Where did it go to?

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

A tale of things I didn't know I could do

Next week a commission work for a theatre company in Stuttgart is due. We started to work on it last february with some basic material experiments and improvisations, and I continued working every here and then. These days last things have to be done in a hurry, and soon it's over.
Main things I learned? - Decisions are important. Dare a lot, but think about it properly before starting the first act on it. Improvisation is a true friend for the performer of uncommon tasks. Don't work when very tired.
That's it. Results will be shown on stage next week, but some previews here:

Latex Experiences

Note to self: Latex darkens more than expected.

More story-based: One day, the two Marias, who liked to look nature-bound, got very burned in the sunshine, so they had to wear proper make-up until the end of their lifes to cover the marks.

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Dear Diary (01)

Dear Diary,

last night I was invited to a proper diner into a proper restaurant.
Unfortunately I had just put my only pair of warm shoes into plaster to take a cast of them.
That's why I left the house in borrowed 45-sized shoes.
When I felt the waitress' gaze on my feet I didn't even start to explain.
It suddenly felt very absurd.


"Paint me a sheep!"

That's what my flatmate, The Princess, gave me one evening, as an excuse for staying up longer than he actually was allowed to. I instantly fell in love with it.