Dienstag, 19. April 2011

100 Years Women's Day

In Flensburg we celebrated the 100th birthday of the women's day with a huge art performance at the town hall. 12 visual artists - Antje Fuchs, Lena Kießling, Brigitta Krause, Solvej Krüger, Barbara Leonhard, Christiane Limper, Melanie Loitz, Karin Mohrdieck, Sigrid Maria Möller, Dorothee Mügge, Julia-Friederike Nierade and Maren Schwartzkopf - each created a costume that expresses their art-approach and has a connection to feminity, and presented them in a kind of fashion show.
I had been asked to join the group in late january, as another artist broke her leg and wasn't able to perform. As I was pretty busy I asked permission to use an "old" costume - and there she was, The Bride!

(Pictures: Winfried Lühr-Tanck)

Special Thanks to Antje Fuchs, who organized the whole show.

There has been made a calendar 2012 that features the 12 artists and costumes.
If you're interested in buying it, ask me for more information!

Samstag, 16. April 2011


I'm going to spend this summer in Switzerland, traveling between Bern, Basel, and Aarau. There will be three of us, Marius Kob, Pauline Drünert an me; researching, building, rehearsing. Premiere will be in september.

But: There will be a preview already this may!
At the NEWZ!-Festival in Stuttgart, under the title "Corner Cuts".
Fr 06.05. 19h30 / 21h45 / 22h40.
Free entrance, but the audience number is limited to 12 people per show - book your seat!