Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

Retrospection: February 2015!

If one has to get material for a new performance one has to go where one finds the best quality of said material...

Some people go shopping, I do stuff that looks like holidays but actually means carrying insanely heavy stuff from the beach through the forest to the car, and again, and again, and again... But it was totally worth it! The sun joined in, too, and though not being a holiday, it was still an amazing trip up north.

....who finds the guy that was allowed to travel with me?

Other things done in February include meeting great people, organizing a LOT of stuff, spending too much time in front of the computer, and eventually rehearsals!

I'm looking forward to the next rehearsing period, and until then I'll lock myself up in the workshop. Visits and cookies are always welcomed!

Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015


We cleaned and sorted and cleaned some more and........

.......that's it!

I'm quite happy with the result and looking forward to work and create in there!

Retrospection: January 2015

January started off busy!

Lots of desk work to do, and starting to build Finn, the hero of my new performance!

After having joined the Verband Deutscher Puppenspieler (Association of German Puppeteers) last autumn I decided to attend the members' meeting and ended up being a member of the board (alongside my colleague Mirjam Hesse, who will direct mentioned above next performance). I am very confused, excited and honoured still and hope that we'll be able to do good work!

More desk work alongside of even more building, travels as a light technician and the first week of rehearsals rounded up the month.

All in all a very busy and good start into the new year!

Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

Retrospection: October 2014

October's highlight was performing with COLORI at the Modavision in Magdeburg! Schlemmer's Bauhaus aesthetics at a runway show. Did we fit in? No. Did we have fun? Yes! We shocked some of the security guys, and in the end COLORI even managed to get onto the runway themselves. A friend made pictures, and I still hope I might get them eventually.

Most of the October, however, was spent planning, talking, desk working, workshopping, networking. It was also amazing to finally get to know more colleagues from Bremen! Picture below shows Anna Jäger in the scenography we created at October's FreitagFreitag of Schlachthof Bremen.

And finally some random find:

Due to security reasons bicycles and tables are forbidden in the interior. - Found in one of Bremen's parks. Still totally clueless as to what they mean.