Dienstag, 19. April 2011

100 Years Women's Day

In Flensburg we celebrated the 100th birthday of the women's day with a huge art performance at the town hall. 12 visual artists - Antje Fuchs, Lena Kießling, Brigitta Krause, Solvej Krüger, Barbara Leonhard, Christiane Limper, Melanie Loitz, Karin Mohrdieck, Sigrid Maria Möller, Dorothee Mügge, Julia-Friederike Nierade and Maren Schwartzkopf - each created a costume that expresses their art-approach and has a connection to feminity, and presented them in a kind of fashion show.
I had been asked to join the group in late january, as another artist broke her leg and wasn't able to perform. As I was pretty busy I asked permission to use an "old" costume - and there she was, The Bride!

(Pictures: Winfried Lühr-Tanck)

Special Thanks to Antje Fuchs, who organized the whole show.

There has been made a calendar 2012 that features the 12 artists and costumes.
If you're interested in buying it, ask me for more information!

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  1. Ist immer wieder schön mein in einer Nacht genähtes Kostüm noch in aktion zu sehen :-)