Freitag, 1. August 2014

Retrospection: July 2014

July started well with COLORI at the Memminger Meile! The audience welcomed us with a long applause even before we had done anything. Greatest way to start a show!

Photos: Monika Sparakowski

A picture from backstage I love because of the crooked humour: Even COLORIs (and their family) need to account:

I'm still waiting for photographs of COLORI's show at the Schauwerk Sindelfingen. Green, Red and White behaved beautifully Italian to match the evening's theme of an Italian Night.

Unten was shown at the Festival der Straßenkunst in Haslach.

Photos: Manfred Pagel

And between all this I was extremely lucky to be able to spend some time on Helgoland. For just holiday-y reasons. And it was beautiful!

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